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0.07 Brown Volume Lash Extensions

Velvety soft silk lashes. Tapered. 16 lines. 

These lashes are pure joy to work with!  They are lightweight and flexible with an easy pick up and fan out.  Stable curl and matte finish will give you the most gorgeous sets. 

Our beautiful brown lashes are truly versatile! You can create a very full and really dramatic set yet softer and more natural looking.

Perfect for blondes or light featured clients, these lashes could be a great option for male lash lovers because of a more subtle look. Browns will be a good fit for mature fashionistas and clients wanting less of enhancement.

Mix brown and black lashes in different proportions to offer a custom made shade to your clients.

Use black adhesive to give more pronounced lash line or clear glue to preserve the true brown color. 

Perfect for volume and hybrid sets.

50 shades of brown!  Your own lash story 😊😋

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