Spell Bond Adhesive Aid

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Lash Adhesive Bonding Aid  0.5oz/15ml

Improves the glue adhesion and extends the retention by 25-30%.

Reduces adhesive fumes by incapsulating the fumes instantly and drying the glue faster. As a result, your clients eyes feel more comfortable and less sensitive after lash application. Adds elasticity to extensions which helps to avoid micro damage at the bonding points.

The bonder is best used right after the lash extension application is done and BEFORE curing the adhesive (nano mist). Squeeze a little bit of the bonder on lint free applicator or a micro swab and apply it on the adhesive bonds by the lash line. Let it air dry or use the fan, cure the adhesive by nano misting. You're all done!

Now wait for your clients to come back with the smile on their faces. And fuller lashes!

You are the BEST! 🤩🥇