Caress Foam Tape 0.5mm

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Super gentle and flexible foam tape for under eyes. Can be used Instead of regular eye pads or any simple tape.
Its the thinnest foam tape available on the market - only 0.5mm!! Thinner means less stuck lashes and more flexibility for easier application and hold.

Nevertheless, it feels soft and smooth, gives 100% coverage, good layer of cushion for your tweezers and for clients skin protection, doesn’t pull the skin or lashes. Detack before applying to make it less sticky. 
Almost 10 feet long and 2” width is a long lasting roll of happiness. Comes with the paper backing for easy handling and cut/prep process. Simple and fast. Make any shape or width you want or need to fit every beautiful face and eye set out there. 

Another great product that will make you stand out with your completely custom approach to every client! 💯

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