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ClarifEye Foam Cleanser Kit - 5 out 1

Oil Free Eyelash Cleanser and Make Up Remover.

Tea Tree and Cucumber Extracts in this cleanser produce antibacterial, cleansing and refreshing properties.

Very soft foam gently removes impurities without any eye irritation or burning.

Included in kit:  concentrated wash solution - 1 oz, empty pump bottle - 1, cleansing brush - 1.

5 out 1 - an excellent way to make your own lash wash for aftercare kits, 

lash bath retail, your own use, lash wash samples or giveaways.

Easy to mix:  1:4 - 1 part of concentrated cleanser to 4 parts of distilled water or saline. Shake the bottle well to mix the liquids. Put the label on.

Your foam cleanser is ready! 🧴🛁

$28.00 USD

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