Evolve Lash Adhesive 4-5 sec

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4-5 second, slower dry, true black.

Perfect for a beginner level or slower paced stylists. 

Thin viscosity. Formaldehyde and latex free. Low fumes. Flexible (no chunks or clumps) with a strong bond.

Best performance: Humidity - 45-60%   Temp - 65-80F

Can be used in lower levels of humidity also, drying time will go to 6-7 seconds.

Retention 4-6 weeks (with a proper application, environment and aftercare).
Keep unopened bottle in refrigerator for up to 1 year. Opened bottle can be stored for 2-3 months in cool, dark environment, away from direct sunlight or the heat sources.

We hope you found "the one"! 🍾🎉

Note: the color additive - carbon black - separates faster in smaller tester containers and will not reflect the true black adhesive color in bigger bottles. Shake really well before using.  

Size: 1ml