Majestic Volume Premium Lash Extensions

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Self fanning lashes. So velvety and so soft. Absolutely gorgeous -  matte and truly black! 

With thinner and flexible bases, can be used for pinching method as well. 

16 lines $20      *NEW 20 lines $23

8mm and 9mm trays for $9!

Just pick up a few lashes and make one perfect fan that will never fall apart! Doesn't matter if you're beginner or established stylist - everyone loves these lashes!

This is a great option to make the fan making easier and faster resulting in shorter volume applications overall.

We know these lashes are super awesome and fun, but remember not to grab too many. You need just enough to make that little fan pretty and fluffy without overloading the natural lash.

Watch the beautiful transformation happening right before your eyes.

Volume has never been so easy and fast.  You'll be in love!

Perfect for volume, mega volume and hybrid sets.

Lash dreams do come true! 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏽‍♀️

*NEW 20 lines trays. 4 extra lines compare to the previous design. Eco friendly light weight packaging! Deep and spacious boxes to keep your lashes safe and snug. See thru windows to help to navigate thru your lovely lash collection. Foil backing will make your lash flow, prep and clean up a breeze! 💖

Thickness: 0.05

Curl: C

Lenght: 8mm