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MarveLight Dual Arm LED Lamp

$230.00 USD
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This magical light device is all you'll ever need for your daily work or any other activities! This complete and totally customizable LED lamp allows you to create a very personal and unique set up - exactly what you have always wanted your lamp to be!

There are so many pros - we don't even know where to start!

Ok, here we go:

- 3000k (yellow) to 6000k (blue) ranges of light. And literally anything in between to make your truly own shade of light 

- 1-100 point dimmable option to have your light as bright or as dim as you need

- 2 flexible arms will give 100% mobility for the right setup

- 360º rotating longer light bodies provide the exact and definite angle and coverage you desire. Non-slippery finish is super helpful for a better grip

- 1 flexible arm with a swivel holder for the phone/tablet. It will keep your device easily visible and reachable. The best view and exposure are also guarantied for your photos or videos

- 2 convenient remote controls come with your device: one is for your light setup, the push knob on the lamp itself can be used for the same adjustments as well. Second remote control is for the phone/tablet so you can take photos/videos close to or away from the lamp (bluetooth connection required)- built-in phone/tablet charger meas your device always has 100% full battery

- well made and durable, with a wide stand to give the most stability

- swivel and tightening parts made out of metal that serve longer and won't disintegrate 

- collapsable height to fit any settings and spaces

- lightweight and compact

- comes in a cushiony travel/storage bag with handles and the shoulder strap

- free standard shipping is included


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