Lint Free Sponges 40pcs

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This¬†little sponge is a real gem! ūüí鬆

For professionals and client homecare.

Ideal for a daily maintenance of lash extensions and more. Perfect size, zero fuzzies with great absorbency.  Yes, you can do all of this! 

  • makeup removal

  • clean up/prepare the lashes¬†before application

  • wipe off adhesive excess¬†form the nozzle

  • wipe off lash extensions themselves on the strip or in tray

  • clean your lash tile/lash pod/lash pad/lash mat

  • clean the tweezers

  • place volume fans on it while¬†practising

  • take off the extra gel from eye pads

  • tape¬†the sponge¬†on the eyelid to weight¬†it down

  • stick/wrap the tips of tweezers into sponge to store them safely

  • put few on the bottom of acetone jar to avoid bending the tips of your tweezers

One sponge - so¬†many¬†ways! ūü•įūüíĮ

Let us know if you find another one! 

Color: White