The Perfect Tape 1 roll

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Searching for an awesome lashing tape? Search no more. You have found it!

The Perfect Tape: medical grade, flexible and moisture-permeable polyolefin film, gentle on skin, hypoallergenic, extremely low-irritant, minimal moisture retention. 

Solid white (to see lashes better) with 100% coverage (bottom lashes can not be seen), perforated to let the skin to breath. Lint free, cotton free-no chemical reactions with adhesives!

Removal of most of the tapes often strips away the top layer of the skin causing irritation. 

The Perfect tape is very gentle to leave this layer intact providing painless removal without the pull. De-tacking helps to reduce the stickiness even more so.

This tape can be used over any type of eyepads or foam tape and by itself as well. Excellent tape for layer lashing (tape back).

Can not wait to try it? We felt the same 🥰🙌🏼