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Twirl the Spinner

Want to improve your retention? Achieve better adhesion with the perfect adhesive consistency? Save your hands and wrists from unneeded discomfort? 

Look no further - this spinner is your answer!

This guy will make your glue smooth and silky, evenly distributed and bubble free. The adhesive being in its best possible condition will give you the easiest and most beautiful application. No glue  chunks and flexibility, therefore, better and longer retention.

You will never replicate this spinners performance by any type of glue shakers or simple hand shaking 🏆 

Regular shakers work by shaking the bottle in all different directions which causes major bubble invasion (these guys are not your friends). The spinner rotates with the high speed circular movement and blends the liquid unbelievably even without creating any bubbles at all. 

The spinner comes with multiple attachments so you can spin variety of products - adhesives, nail polishes, permanent make up pigments, body paints, liquid foundations etc.

This wonderful spinner is a true multitasker!

Enjoy your adhesive looking and working better then ever. 
Your lash game is at it's best!💥💯

$25.00 USD

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