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VoilĂ ! Cream Remover 10g

Cream remover. Gentle, no burning and fast acting formula.

Comes in 5 different yummy scents - strawberry🍓, banana🍌, cantaloupe🍊, peach🍑 and lemon🍋  

Takes only about 7-10 min from start to finish!

Apply semi thick layer on lash extensions. As you done with the cream, go to the eye you started with and begin gently working on removing the extensions. Yes, that fast! 

Go between both eyes detaching extensions. Rinse well with lukewarm/cold water. And Voilà!  All done!

Note: do not leave remover on for longer then 10+ min, it will start to thicken and will be harder to clean off.

In some cases you might need an additional removal. Rinse off what's left and reapply a fresh layer. Repeat the procedure. Always use eyepads or tape underneath to avoid any skin irritations.

Removals can be happy too. Good bye lashes ✌

$15.00 USD

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